Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Indian Wood Game Board

                                                        From view of Wood Game Board

 Back side of the wood boar
I had bought these unique wood game board from an antique shop in Cochin. I'm not sure how to use this board game. I've used as decorative wall hanging wood piece. It's black wood with lot's of small holes.

Length side has 20 holes, while 10 holes on the width. It resembles a traditional board game (Pallankuzhi)  I've played as child. 

Pallankuzhi is usually played with majadi kuru ( seeds of red bead tree) or can be played with cowrie seeds. I  think today's Xbox gen kids will never understand the fun of playing such games. I wonder if the city bred get  a get a chance to see the seeds of red bead tree, let alone get the pleasure of picking it from the ground.
Back to this vintage game,
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