Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Indian Coins

                                                         Vintage Indian Coin Gallery
Old Indian Coins

Old Indian Paisa, Anna
Here's few pieces of precious vintage Indian coins. I got this from my cousin who has a good collection of the same. He gave it to me during my school days. Luckily it stayed with me even after we had shifted our house three times.

Here're the details of each coin:

hollow coins ( 3 pieces ) 1 PICE EK PAISA ONE PAISE
1 PICE 1953, 1950 ( 4 coins)

Copper 10 paisa 1960

It's ideal to add to your collection. The hollow coins can be used a pendant for your chain.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Indian Codd Bottles

                                                                   Indian Codd  bottles
                                                             Pic - Neck portion of Codd bottle
Indian Codd Bottle - 
Apart from vintage keys, I love collecting bottles. So far I've managed to collect only codd bottles and few english medicine bottles.

Earlier during my childhood I've seen several shops selling aerated juice in these codd bottles. But that was around 20 year back. Now it's not around anymore. Big cola brands invaded our small shops, killing those small soda stores.

How I got hold of codd bottles?
I got lucky when my hubby met a person who was looking to dispose a large number of codd bottles in his shop. We bought it all of them. I think now I have around 60 bottles in my attic.

Now you know what to look in my attic. :)

This treasure chest of codd bottles is open to sale for any bottle lover. Call me up # 9379735082 or mail me with your questions at

Learn Different Parts of a Key

Do you know the difference between the head of the key and the bow? If not, read on. 
I was searching to understand more about key and I found few information in the net. Thought of sharing it with others interested to know the different parts of the key by its name.Check out this picture for the name given to the different parts of the key.

Parts of a key:

The head:
The handle-end of the key which you hold to turn when the key is put into the lock.

The shaft or Stem
The cylindrical or elongated part of the key that meets with the pins inside of the lock. It disappears inside the lock when you insert the key.

The bow:
 This is more specifically the curvature of the wide section of the head of a key.

The nape
 The part of the key between the head and the shaft that joins with the teeth.

The groove:The indented line(s) of the shaft that goes for the length of the teeth.

The teeth:
The indentations on the keyshaft that meet with the pins inside of the lock after insertion of a key into a lock.


Old Key in Chain

It's bit unusual type of skeleton key you'll find from India. The head of the key looks like it has got an European touch.

I used a nylon chain to it. I think you can find better use for this key. It's close to 3.5 inch. 

Jumbo Vintage Indian Key

                                                                    Long Vintage Door Key


Here's one of my treasure key's. It's unique with it's length, the thickness. It's rare kind of keys you hardly see around. Its length covers the whole National Geographic Magazine. Amazing isn't. Guest coming to my house, ask all kinds of questions about its use, purpose, etc. I'm not sure what to say.

Long Antique Key
I purchased this key from a leading antique vendor. I wish I get more such piece of artifact but such key's are rare in this part of town.

Description of this key

Length of this Big Vintage key: 28cm ( 0.88 feet)  (0.27 metres) ( 0.6 inch)

Would be get inquires for this key. Would you be interested? Mail me @ ( Key # 221)

Rusty Antique Keys

View - Pair of Antique Keys
Vintage Keys
Here's another good old antique keys. It's the usual kind you see in old houses in South India. Probably it's used to open the front door or the big wood almirah. These old keys looks like Jailers Keys without the ring. I'm sure it's a good collectible piece for your vintage collection.

Item #: 219

They make an adorable pair together, isn't.

Granite Stone

Absolutely no idea about this piece of granite. Can you make a fair guess of what it could be?

Earlier Indian households people used sandal wood paste to smear on the forehead and as a beauty aid. I guess this could be used to run sandalwood to it and get the paste.

Commado Vintage Lock

                                                       Vintage key along with Commando books 

                                                                   Full face of Vintage Hollow Key
                                                           In the pic: Hollow vintage Key

Here's my Commando Key. Well, I just used to photograph along with my collection of Commando books. This thick build metal key with bit of  oxidation around the edges.

It's heavy build and it's 14cm in length.

You can use this simple vintage key can be used in some exciting ways as a show piece, or as a collectible item. Maybe, you can something it for something different.


Contact me by Ph or mail me for details and price.Call me at Ph # 9379735082 if you have any questions  or e-mail me:

Monster Metal Lock

Monster Indian lock

Close up view of Crude Indian metal lock
Jumbo Metal Lock 
My first working vintage metal lock. It's a heavyweight lock that weighs 750 gms (1.65 pounds). Key length is 7 cm. I found this treasure from the local flea market. The seller showed it proudly that's it works. Yes, it work with a bit a effort!

Kind of love my first working metal lock. It's covered in a oil coating, probably to remove the rust or to make it work.

This monster lock can add variety to your collection. Add this curiosity lock to your cabinet 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Indian Wood Game Board

                                                        From view of Wood Game Board

 Back side of the wood boar
I had bought these unique wood game board from an antique shop in Cochin. I'm not sure how to use this board game. I've used as decorative wall hanging wood piece. It's black wood with lot's of small holes.

Length side has 20 holes, while 10 holes on the width. It resembles a traditional board game (Pallankuzhi)  I've played as child. 

Pallankuzhi is usually played with majadi kuru ( seeds of red bead tree) or can be played with cowrie seeds. I  think today's Xbox gen kids will never understand the fun of playing such games. I wonder if the city bred get  a get a chance to see the seeds of red bead tree, let alone get the pleasure of picking it from the ground.
Back to this vintage game,
Those interested in this game board can mail me back:

Thank you

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pair of Vintage Indian Key

vintage india key

vintage pair of indian keys
It's another relic from the past. Along with antique key collection, I have a hobby to collect old national geographic magazines. I had a good collection, but recently water sweeped through my book cabinet spoiling all those treasure books.

What you see the two key I picked from the scap sale. Well I love hunting for such treasures amidst the all the unwanted stuff.

I get a kick when I find anything which I'm looking for. But, most of the time my search end with nothing unsual. This time I got lucky with these two vintage keys.

Details of the key:

Length: 17 cm ( Long one)
Length: 10 cm

Why people collect vintage keys?

Some people use it as a decorative item, some store it for it's vintage value. Some imaginative people look at the history or how it was used in it's times. I use the big ones as paper weight. The guest coming to my house, ask all kinds of question about the keys. Well, it's kind of discussion starter.

What's your thought?

Mail me at to know how I price these two old keys!

Vintage Key

vintage skeleton keyHere's another blast from the past. This beautiful vintage key looks pretty old and crude. Key has the typical south India look. It's hollow inside.

Length is close to 4 inches. This metal key is ideal gift or treasure for those who find happiness, comfort and beauty from vintage things from the past.

It's your chance to get creative with such vintage keys.

Choice is yours!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Indian Brass Lock

old south indian lock
Another beautiful looking brass lock from the local flea market from Goa. Looks like a typical lock from South India.

I didn't do anything to clean it from the rust.

Details of this old lock.

Weight : 400gram
Length : 11cm
Width : 6cm

The lock is in good vintage condition. I don't have the keys. The rusting on the lock comes from age but I find the rough look adds to the charm.

If you're interested to own this vintage lock, please mail back.

Price: $11.00 for the lock + shipping*
*Shipping is $6. 00 outside India.

If you'd like to purchase the lock, just send me a note at the and I will send you an invoice via PayPal.