Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Indian Key

                                                    Top Pic: After scrubbing the rust & bit of age
                                             First version of Old Vintage Key: You can see the rust
How I cleaned the rust from the vintage key?
For the first time, I tried cleaning up the rust or bit of age from the old Indian key. I applied MD 40 and then scrubbed with steel wool. Later I also kept in a Cola solution. Again I scrubbed to remove few of the rust and dirt.

So, how does it look after all the rough treatment. Does it has a bit of glossy look or does it look the same? If you're interested to own this new avatar, then you can send across a message.

I'm always available by phone, so it's better to call me at 9379735082. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buy Indian Antique key

To Purchase a Vintage Item:

  1. First Check Availability through mail ( or call at ( 9379735082) India
  2. If required request for more pics. 
  3. Ensure the quality, looks and condition of the vintage piece before buying. Most keys would require some amount of rust removal. ( Options is left to you)
  4. Finalize on the price
  5. Make payment through direct bank remittance or through Paypal account
  6. I'll mail the antique piece through Indian mail. It will take a week for delivery or less.  
  7. Acknowledge the delivery.
Right now I don't sell these vintage pieces through eBay. I'll be putting a eBay shop in few months time. 

Thank you and happy buying,


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage Iron Key

 Vintage Treasure Chest 
Another heavy weight Vintage keys, perfect for to add to your collection. Like every key, this one will have a story behind it or you can imagine one great Indian story to it. 

I had gone it from an antique store close to a beach. I couldn't resist from buying this whimsical objects that provide a feel for the past.

Now this key does not have any other purpose, except it reminds of the job it has done so well in the past. So, now you can adorn this antique key as a reminder to those old years, life or just treasure it as a relic to the past.

Vintage Item # 224

Vintage Bicycle Lamp

Vintage Kerosone Cycle Lamp

Old Cycle Lamp
One of my latest treasures from the flea market. Most of my posting are all about vintage keys and this one is unique. This piece is intact without any dents or holes. The only thing that bores the age is the rust. This could be done with a good piece of scrubbing and paint re-coating.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vintage Brass Back scratcher

Brass Back Scratcher

I bought this unique back scratcher from a Kashmiri fella. This brass back scratcher is good to reach out the hard to reach itch points. I don't know much about the value of this back scratcher. Both ends has different designs. One end has a hand claw shape and the other of a rabbit.

I use it as a paper weight in my living room. Most people turn it around and ask me the purpose. I ask if they feel like itching.

The scratcher is approx 29 cm long and almost 3cm wide at the scratch point.

The "hand" portion has the artistic shape of a typical scratcher. More than its use, it's a unique art for your living room.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Antique Iron Cast Iron Rooster

How to iron clothes with coal?
These cast iron monolith Iron boxes are still in use in India. These two were kept in my house by the fellow who runs a ironing shop. For those who's not familiar with such coal filled Iron box, heres a video in YouTube. If you're interested I can ship you similar ones ( fresh or used piece).

what you see in the photo is not for bidding. I can get fresh piece or get used iron box from flea market.