Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pair of Vintage Indian Key

vintage india key

vintage pair of indian keys
It's another relic from the past. Along with antique key collection, I have a hobby to collect old national geographic magazines. I had a good collection, but recently water sweeped through my book cabinet spoiling all those treasure books.

What you see the two key I picked from the scap sale. Well I love hunting for such treasures amidst the all the unwanted stuff.

I get a kick when I find anything which I'm looking for. But, most of the time my search end with nothing unsual. This time I got lucky with these two vintage keys.

Details of the key:

Length: 17 cm ( Long one)
Length: 10 cm

Why people collect vintage keys?

Some people use it as a decorative item, some store it for it's vintage value. Some imaginative people look at the history or how it was used in it's times. I use the big ones as paper weight. The guest coming to my house, ask all kinds of question about the keys. Well, it's kind of discussion starter.

What's your thought?

Mail me at to know how I price these two old keys!

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