Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learn Different Parts of a Key

Do you know the difference between the head of the key and the bow? If not, read on. 
I was searching to understand more about key and I found few information in the net. Thought of sharing it with others interested to know the different parts of the key by its name.Check out this picture for the name given to the different parts of the key.

Parts of a key:

The head:
The handle-end of the key which you hold to turn when the key is put into the lock.

The shaft or Stem
The cylindrical or elongated part of the key that meets with the pins inside of the lock. It disappears inside the lock when you insert the key.

The bow:
 This is more specifically the curvature of the wide section of the head of a key.

The nape
 The part of the key between the head and the shaft that joins with the teeth.

The groove:The indented line(s) of the shaft that goes for the length of the teeth.

The teeth:
The indentations on the keyshaft that meet with the pins inside of the lock after insertion of a key into a lock.


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