Monday, February 23, 2009

South Indian antique keys

3 Antique keys

3 Antique keys for sale

Keys are made from Iron

Two keys have hollow shaft & short. One key is long one.

These keys are around 60 years old

Weight of two small antique keys - 75 Gms ( Approx)
Weight of long antique key - 125 Gms ( Approx)

LENGTH of the 3 antique keys–

Smallest one is 2 inches
Second one is 3 inches
Third one is 6 inches ( Approx)

These hollow shaft antique keys from South India is an excellent collector’s item. Yes, it’s a must for an antique lovers and it can kept as a decorative item in your home or put in a chain as a pendent.

The price for three antique keys is fixed at £ 3.50 with shipping charges extra.

If you like to know more details, please contact me either by mail or by phone.

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